About Us

About Us

Grow with Guidance

The innovative use of such a system in Pre-K-12 settings and beyond is what’s been missing from education reform. The methods and results presented in both the Teaching and Counseling and the Grow With Guidance ® System Series books will enable educators to equip students with the skills they really need. These methods significantly change the way we think about and organize education.

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Tommie R. Radd, Ph.D.
Author & Innovator

    • WHO WE ARE:

We are educators with experience and education in the areas of developmental guidance, counseling, administration, leadership, curriculum, behavior management, school-to-career, drug-free schools, special education, invitational education, character education, safe schools and staff development.

    • WHAT WE DO:

We work with professionals at all levels in educational organizations to help them improve their skills by using a guidance system that really works.

    • By providing educational materials that include all components and instruments for an accountable, comprehensive, developmental guidance system.
    • By conducting presentations and workshops with professionals to support their skill growth.
    • By working with school leaders to assess current programs to determine their strategic planning.
    • Grow with Guidance can provide you with what you need to know and have in order to create a successful, accountable guidance system for educational progress and performance.
    • Grow with Guidance will identify and help your people develop certain skills that are critical to your students, educators and families.
    • Grow with Guidance will show your people how to build better relationships with students, with families, with community members, and with each other.
    • Grow With Guidance will help you address urgent issues such as school achievement and school violence with strategies that work.