The Grow With Guidance System Manual


The Grow With Guidance® System Manual

Grow With Guidance System Manual

The Grow With Guidance System Manual is the latest, most comprehensive, performance-based guidance system manual available. The Grow With Guidance System Manual has:

A Comprehensive book that includes:

  • A complete explanation of the System
  • System Standards, Benchmarks, Indicators, and Performance Observation/Evaluation.
  • Organization information such as how the System is a part of the Guidance and Counseling Program, The Classroom, The School Building, The Restructuring of Education.
  • Implementation information – how to put the System into your School Building/School District and Guidance and Counseling Program.
  • Formulas to address current challenges such as academic achievement and success and school climate.
  • Complete Observation/Evaluation Instruments for a comprehensive, accountable, performance-based plan including students, families, staff and the school district.

Observation/Evaluation Instruments included are:

  • Instruments for Students
  • Instruments for Staff
  • Instruments for Families
  • Instruments for The District
  • Organization Charts, Forms, and Checklists
  • Research-based Instruments for Pre/Post Information
  • The Childrens’ Affect Needs Assessment (CANA)
  • Invitational Teaching Survey (ITS)
  • The Florida Key

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