Teaching and Counseling For Today’s World Pre K-12 and Beyond Book Overview

Today, Dr. Tommie Radd discusses her book Teaching & Counseling For Today’s World Pre-K12 and Beyond. Join Dr. Radd as she provides an overview of the book’s innovative approach to develop students’ spirit, purpose, and potential!

Effective Anxiety Interventions Using the Schoolhouse Systems Model



Learn practical strategies to address anxiety in students in Pre K-12 settings grounded in a systems framework of intervention. Participants will understand the role of self-talk/ self-pictures, relaxation and mindfulness as essential components of addressing anxiety in a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate manner. Strategies and practices are explained in detail with resources for immediate implementation in your school counseling community. [Full Article and Video]


Self-Concept Development Model

Self Concept Development Model

Podcast with Dr. Tommie Radd

The Self Concept Series and Weave is a powerful, practical self concept model developed by Dr. Radd and integrated throughout The Grow With Guidance System.  Dr. Radd explains how self concept develops and is impacted by experiences and behaviors.  The three steps of the Self Concept Series and Weave are explored and clarified in detail in this podcast interview so that there is a clear understanding of the importance of self concept in healthy life skill development. [Full Article]