The Grow With Guidance System: Primary Level


The Primary Level contains all system component information needed to implement the developmental, comprehensive, performance-based Grow With Guidance® System for pre-kindergarten through second grade, or developmentally 4- to 8-year-old students.

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The Grow With Guidance® System Levels

Grow With Guidance System Levels

System Levels Primary through High School include everything needed to implement the System in a classroom level. The Grow With Guidance® System Levels are the latest, most comprehensive, performance-based, self-contained guidance system available. The Self-Concept Series and Weave is integrated throughout each System Level. Each Grow With Guidance® System Level, based on student developmental levels instead of “grade levels,” has:

  • A Level Overview
  • Appropriate Standards, Benchmarks, Indicators, and Performance Evaluation
  • The Behavior Management Component
  • The Self-Talk/Self-Pictures Component
  • The Curriculum Component with over 130 activities
  • The Staff Implementation Skills Component
  • The Family Involvement Component
  • Appropriate Charts, Checklists, and Forms

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